Environmental Stewardship

Paperless Offices

Saving trees by moving towards a paperless office [If paper is required we use philanthropic recycling programs]. For example, we increased electronic communication by converting faxes to a secured electronic format [pdf] instead of printing. In addition, copies of tax returns are emailed to clients [unless specifically requested to print]. Tax returns are maintained on a secured server for a minimum of five years. By reducing the amount of paper printed we not only reduce waste but also secure sensitive client information by electronic means.

Mobile Phones

Employee unused business mobile phones are donated to Verizon Hopeline, at the end of every tax season which recycles or refurbishes mobile handsets and provides free phones and wireless service to domestic violence victims through local domestic violence organizations and local government/law enforcement agencies. This program has collected over 8 million phones, keeping 210 tons of electronic waste and batteries out of landfills while providing 300 million minutes of free service to domestic violence victims.

Future Environmental Stewardship Projects

Environmental stewardship is the responsibility for environmental quality shared by all those whose actions affect the environment. In 2005, EPA laid out a vision for environmental stewardship recognizing it as a means to a more sustainable future. We recognize that businesses and other institutions have a wide variety of opportunities to practice environmental stewardship. From the way they manage their operations to the products and services they offer customers to the projects and activities they support in their communities, businesses and other institutions can play an important role in protecting the environment and preserving natural resources.

​Taxnet Financial will continue to maintain our existing environmental stewardship practices while evaluating additional opportunities to consume less and conserve more while supporting innovative opportunities that leverage recycling to make a difference in our community. These goals will influence planning and decision-making as we take measurable steps to reduce our environmental impact. If you believe that there is a recycling program or opportunity that might benefit our community please let us know by contacting our customer service department or by writing us:

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